2/10 Paintball


July 18, 2015

- Saturday -

Tournament and
1-man/5-ball challenges

at Rumblewoods Paintball in Tampa, FL

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Mid 2015

- TBA -
Tournament and
1-man/5-ball challenges

at Gator Paintball Exteme in Hudson, FL

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Who we are

2/10 Paintball Association

Two players per team, ten paintballs per player.
Possibly the future of competition paintball.
Feel the RUSH!


A paintball enthusiast in every household, playing or watching the 2/10 format, who aspires (dreams about and set their own goal) to play or watch 2/10-format paintball in the Olympic Games.


To set an example about and inspire others regarding their ability/abilities in life (personal interests, games, family, business, etc.).

To set an example for and inspire others regarding living with fun, integrity (having decided what is right and sticking to it) and honesty.

End Result

A person who’s attitude toward life is raised and who is inspired to participate in life beyond his current level, with high integrity and honesty, as a result of playing in or watching the play of 2/10-format paintball.


Items of Interest

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